Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Word Count Wednesday - January 17th, 2018

Well, it's been a couple months. But now that Creative Writing class is starting up again, it's time to begin Word Count Wednesday, yet again. (For those of you who are new to WCW, this is simply a way of keeping yourself accountable as a writer, and it's a fun way to vent and share your ideas as they develop.)

Let's get to it...

What Have I Been Working On? 

Over winter break I wrote four chapters of a middle grade novel (a project that I had abandoned during the summer -- but now it's back to life!) But I haven't worked on it much during this first week of school. However, I did complete a picture book draft of a new project. (This ones about bugs.)

Word Count: 1700 words (Not much, but at least it's something.)

How Do I feel About the Process?

The beginning of the semester generates a very familiar feeling. I start off with these lofty ambitions of balancing work, homelife, and my writing... but very soon I'm going to have a big batch of essays to grade, and then all my creative ambitions will deflate like a forgotten pool toy.

Hopefully, in between the busy demands of my teaching gig, I will be able to finish most if not all of my middle grade novel. I've already completed about 1/4th of the project. I've got until June 1st to meet my personal deadline. I will triumph. And then I won't be a sad, pathetic, deflated shark. I will be this magnificent beast:

Do you want to participate in Word Count Wednesday? Leave a comment and tell us what your working on. Or better yet, if I don't have you on my Blog List already, gimme a link to your own Word Count Wednesday Blog Post.

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  1. Awe jeez. Gotta say the pictures and GIFs got me on this one. I don't think I've seen a post so relatable in a long while! I find myself starting a lot of projects with intent to finish them, but I get pulled away due to work, school, etc. By the time I get around to working on them again, the magic has died, and I start something new. Poetry is quick and can usually be done in one sitting, so that's pretty much been the extent of my writing lately. I think I need to take a hiatus in the mountains with just a notepad and pencil, if you ask me. Hahaha!