Monday, October 27, 2014

Where the Heck Have I Been???

Wow!  I knew I had been away from this blog for a long stretch of time... but I didn't realize I had neglected it for almost four months.

Poor little blog.

Lots o' cool stuff has happened since I last posted.  Some of it, I still can't disclose just yet... however, I can tell you some of the big news.

I SOLD MY SECOND PICTURE BOOK!  (Or, I should say my wonderful agent sold the book, I just sat at my computer waiting for her emails to come trickling in with good news.)

I'll give more details about the publishers, editors, themes. title and all that good stuff.  But for now, I will mention that it is creative non-fiction, not too far away from my first picture book.

What else??? 

My wife and daughters spent half of the summer traveling around the country.  Mackenzie went to Space Camp in Alabama!  (I stayed home to take care of the dogs and teach summer school. Boo.)

Other publishing news... 

"CSI: WONDERLAND" and "THE LITTLE MERMAID" are now in print!  Two funny feature length plays... waiting to have their post-publication premieres.

 You want more publishing news???

Three days ago, I received a contract/offer for a new one-act comedy called :Downton Zombies.

(It's as ridiculous as it sounds.)

What are you working on, Wade? 

That's weird. I suddenly turned this into a weird question-and-answer blog post.  Well, since you asked... I have been writing my unique stage version of "The Three Musketeers."  It should probably be called the "Pre-Musketeers," because it's actually a prequel, a comedic adventure about how Portos, Athos, and Aramis become friends.  I finished Act One in August and then the writing process screeched to a halt.

 Why did it screech to a halt? 

Because I'm lazy.  No! That's not why.  The real reason is because I was cast as one of the two Clowns in The 39 Steps.  That play has been my whole world for the past two and a half months.  It's been the best time I've ever had on stage -- and I've had some awesome times, to be sure.

It sounds like your life is going great, Wade. I'm jealous and I hate you.

If it makes you feel any better, there's lots of boring and annoying things that happen to me.  I just don't Facebook / Blog about those things very often.  I'm getting a root canal done next week.  Does that make you feel any better?

Yes. Yes, it does.