Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Resolution Check-In: March 2019 Edition

We're a couple months into the New Year... which I guess means it's not that new anymore. It also means it's time to post an update to see how I am progressing with my resolutions (aka goals).

Here's where we stand...

1) Gain More Followers

I need to attain one of the following: 1000 YouTube followers, 1000 Newsletter followers, and/or 1000 Facebook Author Page followers. I have made NO progress on those last two... However, I did lure some of my Faceboook friends over to my YouTube channel. I now have 288 subscribers.

ACHIEVEMENT: 29% Complete

2) Make 24 YouTube Videos

I had a good start in January, but things have slowed down considered due to this thing called LIFE. The videos are much shorter than I imagined they would be, and most of them are animated. I think that because I feel awkward in front of the camera, I might continue to develop this quirky, crudely animated style.

ACHIEVEMENT: 47% Complete

3) Sell Another Picture Book and/or Chapter Book

Nope. Not yet. But hopefully I will soon finish editing my chapter book and that will be sent forth out into the world via my agent.

ACHIEVEMENT: 0% Complete

4) Write / Sell Another Play

Nope. In fact, I have no idea what my next play will be.

ACHIEVEMENT: 0% Complete

5) Follow my New Creative Calendar (at least 52 times)

I'm glad I checked in on this one... because I nearly forgot about the different categories I've come up with... suffice to say, I've been falling behind, but I have done several of these little projects. (6 to be specific.)

ACHIEVEMENT: 11% Complete