Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Twixt & Twerp Update; The First Draft Is Complete!

Well, Monday morning I typed the words "THE END" into my first generation iPad.

The first draft of Twixt & Twerp is complete. Now, I'm forcing myself to take a break from it for just a few days. (Stephen King takes a few weeks, but I don't wanna wait that long!) Then, I'm jumping into the second draft. Hopefully that will tighten up the story and clearly define the characters, not to mention improve the descriptions.

When I get five chapters polished, I will send it off to my agent.

Keep your fingers crossed. I am thinking positive thoughts, believing that this little middle grade novel will find the right editor, and it will be love at first read. I have had such a marvelous time writing this book. It would be a shame if I'm the only one who gets to enjoy it.