Thursday, July 18, 2019

Back in California for a Bit

We left the wonders of Lake Chelan to journey back home to California... but we'll soon be hitting the road again, this time traveling to the East Coast!

I'm not sure how this upcoming trip will impact my writing. So far, I'm on Chapter 43... I was cruising along while we were at the lake, because there's not much to do besides eat, write, and occasionally in danger yourself on the water. (I went kayaking, people!)

We'll see how much writing gets done on the East Coast. Going to be much busier... but I'm really hoping to finish this draft by the end of August!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Washington Adventures

I'd like to add photos to this oater, but right now I'm working on my first generation iPad, so it's not possible.

We've been traveling this week. On July 1st, (Monday) we hit the road, driving for about ten hours until we arrived at Seven Feathers Resort Casino, our favorite place to stay the night when we're headed for Washington. I made a ten hour mix tape, made mostly of "old people music" according to Emily.

On July 2nd (Tuesday) we continued our journey. We stopped at Willamette University along the way to explore the campus for the second time (the first happened last year). There are a lot of beautiful spots to study outside, assuming the weather permits! We made it to Everett in the early evening and we picked up food from our favorite Washington fast food place: Ivar's Fish and Chips!

On July 3rd, we spent the day hanging out in Everett. Emily and I visited Boom City to buy abiut 30 bucks worth of fireworks. We also tried one of those electric scooters you can rent. nWe didn't break any bones! We took Judy and Gil (and Cheri's brother Mark) to Anthony's Home Port, I had more fish n' chips (just as good as Ivar's but about 3 times more).

On July 4th, my niece Maddi picked up Emily and they drove out to stay with my brother and sister-in-law at Ocean Shores. They will be spending their evening blowing stuff up on the beach. Cheri and I had a more relaxed 4th at her parents' condo. Gil (Cheri's step dad) has been waiting for the results from a bone marrow test because his body is not producing enough blood cells. (Any good wishes and prayers are appreciated.) Everett's bay gave us a terrific view of the fireworks up and down the coast and on the surrounding San Juans.

July 5th, Cheri and I went to Ocean Shores. Fun was had by all. Jeff's wife Sheila was a wonderful hostess. She spoiled us with a lot of bacon, french toast, and other goodies. We spent a lot of time gathered around the fire, talking about old times. (Many folks drank Sheila's famous MaiTais -- I had a coke.) My sister Jill and her boyfriend Phil were there too. We played this cool board game from the early 70s called Masterpiece; it was an art auction game.

July 6th.... Cheri and I took a morning stroll to the beach. Then it was time to head back to Everett. We met with two of Cheri's friends from her Rainbow girl days, having a late lunch
 at Beck's American Cafe. I had a delicious cheeseburger that sent me into a deep nap when we got back to the condo. Cheri and Judy have been enjoykng Christmas in July on the Hallmark channel...mthey have seen two romantic Xmas movies so far.

My Twixt and Twerp novel is coming along, although I have not been working on it every day since traveling. I'm about to finish Chapter 36. I think there will be a total of 60 chapters. So, maybe I'm beyond the halfway point?

In other writing news, an editor admired my latest chapter book enough that he plans to show it the next acquisition meeting. I would love the opportunity to branch out from picture books into this new realm of chaoter books. Keep your fingers crossed!!!