Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Re-Inventing Neverland...

One of my most successful plays is a fantasy comedy called CSI: Neverland. 

Normally, I remember the moment when I come up with my brilliant (or often not-so-brilliant) ideas.  My memory of this one, however, is murky.  I don't recall where I was, or who was around, when I came up with the idea.  But I do know that I had recently heard about yet another successful spin off: CSI: New York.  I had thought the first incarnation was a fine show, though I didn't watch many episodes.  And then when they made CSI: Miami, I thought they were already stretching the franchise.

But when I learned of the existence of the New York show, I thought to myself, what's next... CSI: Neverland?

And I ran with it.  Of course, it's not a spin-off.  It's a parody.  Several parodies, in fact.  I am spoofing the CSI-styled shows in which forensic experts use their scientific knowledge to solve crimes, and I am also lampooning some of my favorite characters from classic children's lit.

Now something new is brewing.  I recently finished a sequel (CSI: Wonderland) and I am currently working on a novel version of the Neverland play.  Oh, and my version isn't Crime Scene Investigation...

It's Crime Scene Imagination.  Like the aforementioned television show, I think there's potential for at least three locations... and hopefully I won't spread myself too thin.

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