Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day #276 - #277: The Semester Home Stretch

Ten days have emerged and faded since last I posted a blog. This lapse is partly due to my slacker ways -- and partly due to the fact that I'm in the trenches of essay-land. I've almost dug my way out of the pile. (Sorry to mix metaphors.)

November finds me focusing on the job of being an English teacher and a productive faculty member who dutifully attends curriculum meetings (in which I do my best to pretend I am a grown up).

Very little creative work has been accomplished in the last ten days. Every once in a while, I sketch some of the Duck Town characters, just so I stay in practice.

A few interesting details in my personal life (which I am writing down more for me than for you, dear reader...)

  • my daughter Emily turned 14
  • my mother visited us during Halloween (and now she's visiting us this weekend as well)
  • I hurt my wife's feelings, sincerely apologized, and I still feel quite guilty
  • I've been reading Don Quixote for World Literature
  • my daughter Mackenzie went to work with me on Wednesday
  • her visit made me reminded me that I am an untidy slob (mostly my car, but partly my office.)
  • I finished watching the complete series of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • I might be working on a holiday themed radio play
  • I went to the dentist for a cleaning, and I'll need to return for a crown prep
  • I graded a ton of poetry essays
  • my daughter Mackenzie turns 17 tomorrow
Oh, I received a royalty check from Amazon Publishing for $104... so that means we get to slightly raise the challenge total! 

Challenge Total Update: $9861.70

With a little luck, we'll reach $10,000 by Jan 1st. (That's only the halfway point -- but that's a lot more than farther than I ever imagined I would get!) 

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  1. Hey Wade!
    Hope you have a great rest of your semester.
    I will be using your "Why 5 Paragraph Essays Suck" essay for my freshman composition class tomorrow. Thank you for sharing it--I hope my students get a kick out of it.