Friday, November 3, 2017

Resolution Check-In: November Edition

I must say, I made excellent progress during the last thirty days -- at least in one area. I just might be able to fulfill all of my New Year's Resolutions. Here's how things have been going...

1) Take More Photos (At Least Two a Week)

Lots of snapshots this month. More and more, I am realizing that this iPhone camera pales in comparison to the smart-phone cameras owned by everyone else around me. But who cares, I'm having fun and recording memories. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is Mackenzie's entrance to her dorm. 

We've been visiting her as much as we can!

We're also getting a lot of quality time with our youngest. She just turned 16!!!

One of our neighbors made this unholy gathering of pumpkins and skeletons.

I call this one: "Sun Setting on Bike Rack."

We had a great time signing books at Mrs. Figs' Bookworm.

Guess who dressed up as a dead gangster?
(Notice the cement shoes?)

ACHIEVEMENT: 83% Complete

2) Write / Sell a New Picture Book

My new picture book Papa Bear's Page Fright will be in bookstores on May 1st, 2018. You can pre-order on Amazon!


3) Generate New Idea for Next Big Project (Complete 25%)

Tackled this one during the summer. I'd still like to go for bonus points and get to work on something brand new and epic... but currently buried beneath essays. 


4) Work on a Creative Project with My Daughters

Does college count as a creative project? NO? Too bad.... Then I'm still stuck on this one. Perhaps this will finally become a priority in the last two months? 

Achievement Pending. 

5) Show My Appreciation More Often / Strengthen Relationships and Communication

Huzzah! I actually worked on this one... and made an enormous amount of progress. I think I had been holding myself back because I told myself that I should be making incredibly profound connections with hundreds of friends and family members. When I gave myself permission to just reach out (mostly online) and be friendly and supportive, I managed get out of my shell and start having fun being more social. I'm pulling a George W. and saying Mission Accomplished. 


6) Los Ten Pounds

Still keeping it off. I've been exercising in the morning. The scale reads anywhere from 162 to 165. However, Halloween was two days ago... so hopefully I haven't gone higher!


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