Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 Resolution Wrap-Up

All righty, it's time to process the last 365 days. All things considered, they have been very good on a personal and professional level. 2016 was a bummer. 2017 was much brighter. This is mainly because our family was healthier this year, and hopefully 2018 will continue that trend.

So, let's look back at my score card and see how I did.

1) Take More Photos (at least two each week) 


Here are a few of my favorites:

Adventures at Vid Con! 

Alpaca Neighbors!

The Forests of the Pacific Northwest!

Ooooh! Animated!

2) Write / Sell a Picture Book

I got lucky with this one! Papa Bear's Page Fright will be in bookstores this May!!!


3) Generate New Idea for Next Big Project (Complete at least 25%) 

It turned out my "Big Project" was 31 little ones. I was able to complete 31 picture books during the summer. Woo-hoo!


4) Work on a Creative Project with My Daughters

This one turned out to be the most difficult to complete, simply because we couldn't decided what project to work on... and it was a challenge to find a project that we were all interested in. 

But during the final month, we were able to put on a show, an improv benefit for a family in need. Mackenzie helped us during the rehearsals -- and was able to attend, right after she finished with her last final at college. Emily, Cheri, and many others from the CTG did an excellent job, and we raise almost 1000 bucks for Perry Roberts. 

We called ourselves the... 


5) Show My Appreciation More Often / Strengthen Relationships and Communication

This one isn't as easy to quantify. I made a list at the beginning of the year with over 200 folks on Facebook (and in real life). I did contact more people, more often... did I become better at communication? Did I strengthen relationships? I'm not sure. But I certainly made an effort... so for that I'm going to call that: 


6) Lose Ten Pounds 

Despite eating way too much over the holidays, I have managed this one as well. And, in the new year I am planning to (*cringe*) exercise more!


Well, that wraps up the year. I'm so grateful for all the good, and I think I've already forgotten all the bad! Onward to 2018!

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