Friday, January 25, 2019

ALA Mid-Winter Conference

It's Friday evening and I'm sitting at my In-Law's condo in Everett, Washington. Cheri and I flew into town last night. We're spending the weekend in the Pacific Northwest, and tomorrow morning I will be on a bus to Seattle. For the first time in my life, I will be attending a conference of the American Library Association.

I have very little knowledge of what this event is like. Sometimes on Facebook I see posts from fellow writers -- and they are typically squeeing with delight about all of the new books they are witnessing... As well as the advanced copies they are receiving.

I'm not a featured author or anything exciting like that, but I am hoping to spend some time visiting the people who have made my books come to life: Candlewick Press and Charlesbridge Press. I don't even know if they will have my books on display. But even if they don't it will be nice to be able to personally thank them for all the work they have done. Maybe Peter Pauper Press will be there? Perhaps even Houghton Mifflin -- they are the ones who will be bringing my next book to life (Yes, Mr. Complain Takes the Train is coming down the tracks!)

So, I am looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday. Keeping expectations very low. As long as I am in a place surrounded by books, I'll have a good time, right?


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