Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lots of Irons in the Fire

I've been a good little writer boy this year.

 My semester ended in the middle of May and I have been hard at work getting as much stuff out into the world before I have to start teaching summer school. I'm currently working on a one-act comedy... And I have also sent out lots of material. Now it's a matter of playing my least favorite game... the waiting game. And since I am waiting, I might as well tell you about what I am waiting for, so that you can vicariously anticipate the many rejections and/or acceptance letters that are coming my way.

 Thing #1: My agent sent a picture book at a publishing house... They replied favorably to the work (I hope to tell you more details about it, but can't give anything away yet). Now I am waiting to find out if they will make an offer. The news could arrive this week!

 Thing #2: I sent Heuer Publishing the novel version of CSI: NEVERLAND. I am hoping that in addition to publishing the play (which has been a drama class favorite for over five years) Heuer will launch my 25,000 word middle grade book as a fun companion piece. It's unlike anything they have published before, but the good folks at Heuer are innovative and daring -- so I have my fingers crossed that hey will proceed with the project.

 Thing #3: My agent has also submitted my quirky picture book "Two Kittens and a Purple Chicken." (I think it's currently at two publishing houses.) This is a fun, zany story -- and it's already gotten several very friendly rejection letters. Hopefully it will find a home.

 Thing #4: I have a historical comedy chapter book making the rounds among a few peers... And I am waiting to get feedback from them. I know it's missing something... But I'm not sure what. Hopefully my beta readers willoint me in the right direction.

 Thing #5: I submitted my unique stage version of "The Little Mermaid" to Eldridge Publishing. I already have a mermaid story with them ("Mermaid in Miami") so this project might be overkill. However, the show was a hit with audiences at the Canyon Theatre Guild, and I would love for the script to be circulated around the globe.

 Thing #6: Last week I was inspired to write a one act comedy called "Strangers." It's about the connections between two people who never meet. It delves into more serious terrain than I usually explore, so I already know it's an improtant piece in my development as a writer. I submitted the work to Playscripts. They have done well with my comedy, "How to Kiss a Girl," so I am hoping to place more scripts with them. However, it might take a while to get a response.. Three to six months!

 Thing #7: "Castle Writemore" has been a labor of love. It's a collection of writing prompts, all of which culminate into their own sort of story involving whimsical characters who live in a castle. It has been Available online for a few months now. (And guess how many books I've sold so far? Two!) However, I have created a new print version with space for young Writemorians to write and draw directly onto the page. This is my first time using CREATESPACE for a project. I ordered an examination copy, and now I am waiting for it to arrive.

 Thing #8: Today I finished a draft of a screenplay called "Skit Happens." Most of it is written by my best friend, Joshua Eklund. I have probably written about 15% of the script... Joshua's original draft came in at a whopping 188 pages, so it was my daunting task to streamline the work. It is now 122 pages. I sent the revised draft to him, and now I am waiting to see if we're still best friends. Hope you like it, Joshua!

 Thing #9: Last week, I wrote a picture book that explores the history of toys from around the globe. It's more than non-fiction, though. There's a story throughout, and I think it's kind of sweet, if I do say so myself. Well, this is the largest stockpile of projects I've ever had... All of them just waiting for some kind of response... And since I've gotten to NINE, I might as well make it an even TEN. Here goes...

 Thing #10: I have been blogging using blogspot for a while, but nobody has left a comment yet. So, in addition to all of the above responses, I am also waiting for my first commenter on this blog. So, what do you say? Leave a message, let me know who's out there!


  1. I feel you will get positive responses on every item except #5 which Disney will promptly kill. The play, not you, but you never know.

  2. Hey John! thanks for being the first responder! :)