Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day #261: A New Spielberg Movie!

It feels so good to be alive in the Age of Spielberg. In just a matter of days, a new film by the world's greatest director will be in theaters, and I plan to watch it opening night.

It's called
Bridge of Spies. So far, all I know about it is that it stars Tom Hanks, and that it deals with the U2 fiasco (the airplane, not the band!) And that's a part of history I don't know very much about, so I'm excited to watch and learn. (I know -- learning about the past by watching movies isn't the best way to educate oneself -- but it's entertaining!) 

Update: I didn't watch Bridge of Spies on opening night, because I decided to wait for the rest of my family. (Wasn't that hospitable of me?) In short, it's a great film... for some reason it feels like a really good companion piece to Catch Me If You Can. 

If you haven't seen Tom Hank and Jimmy Fallon performing scenes written by elementary school children, then please, by all means, check this out... 

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