Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Goodbye, Princess Leia

Carrie Fisher died yesterday morning. That news hit me hard, especially since it had been reported that she was in stable condition following her heart attack. I thought that she would pull through and survive 2016. Alas, this dreadful year has taken away yet another one of my favorite icons.

If I sound like a petulant child that has lost his toy, that's not too far off. I admit that my grief over Carrie Fisher is incredibly selfish. I'm really mourning the loss of Princess Leia, a main character in a movie series that is more than a movie series to me... It's my go-to happy place that has been evolving in my imagination since childhood.

I was so ecstatic to see the characters return in The Force Awakens. I can't wait to see wait happens in Episodes eight and nine. I don't know if the Princess, pardon me I mean, if the General has a role in the upcoming films, but I am angry that Mr. Death has thrown off the storyline. I am angry that the Grim Reaper has robbed our planet a great actress and a great woman who was still writing, performing, and creating.

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