Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Last Saturday of Summer Vacation

Well... today is Saturday... on Monday it's back to school.

It's almost time to get back to days of teaching classes, attending meetings, and *shudder* grading hundreds of essays. But I'm not letting go of summer that easily! We had a great time at a Hollywood party (North Hollywood -- but it still counts).

Check out all these pool toys!

Later tonight, my daughters and some of their friends will be coming over, and I'll be joining them in a game of Dungeons and Dragons... Yes, the Nerdiness is strong in the Bradford Household.

And then... to keep the Geekiness going... I think I'll spend the later part of the evening trying to finish up on my summer read: Ender's Game. 

Just about everyone of my friends and family have read this book, so I finally decided I better hop on board the Ender train and see if it's as amazing as everybody says. (I'm one-fourth of the way through and enjoying it so far.) 

To all of my teacher friends who are about to begin fall, enjoy your last gasp of summer vacation!

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