Saturday, September 9, 2017

Washington 2017 - Part Two

Like I mentioned last week, I'm going through some of my photos during summer break and organizing them (along with some personal reflections) on my blog.

Apparently I like taking pictures of apples. 

I also enjoy walking around the Camano Island home. My mom's property is so much nicer than the burnt-to-a-crisp lawn in my back yard. 

This is a little gnome bridge which may or may not lead to another realm. 

The place is surrounded by sticker bushes... 
If we were here in August we'd be loaded with ripe blackberries! 

My mom hopes to compete with the Huntington Library. 

Then, there were times where I wasn't walking around the yard... instead, I was being driven around in my mom's classic car, her new best friend, a 1964 Thunderbird!

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