Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Break!!! (Or is it???)

Time for seven days of relaxation mode. At least that's how it's supposed to be. So far, things have been a little bit wacky around the Bradford household.

There was a raccoon hanging out in our front yard, right in the middle of the day. I think he was injured or feeling unwell, and so I called Animal Control. But I wanted to just give him a hug.

The Animal Control Officer was very friendly, and also very patient. It took him about two hours to get the raccoon into the cage. I was worried that he was going to euthanize the poor critter -- because at first the officer suspected distemper. But then he determined that the raccoon had probably been in a fight and hurt his leg. So, if the human was telling the truth, the raccoon should be hanging out at the local rescue center -- which I think is somewhere in Placerita Canyon. 

My eldest daughter is on spring break as well, so she is back home! She spent a "girls weekend" with her grandma and cousins. They played around the beach. Here she is doing a cool karate move. 

She had such a great time at the beach it made her want to fully embrace her Californian heritage by buying a surf board. So you used some Local trade App and found someone who wanted to sell their board for a very reasonable price. Thirty minutes later, she bought a surf board.

(Now all she needs is an ocean.)

My youngest daughter has spring break from her English class. However, that's not the case for her Calculus class. She's taking it online through LA Mission College, and they don't have their break until April. So while I'm being lazy, she hunkered down at the computer working on this kind of stuff... 

(Makes perfect sense to me!) 

She has also been cast in her favorite musical: In the Heights. On top of that, she is working back stage in a show that opened this weekend. So her busy schedule is a sharp contrast to my weekend of watching Netflix shows and taking naps. 

In truth, however, I don't have any right to be lazy at present. Even though I don't go back to work until April 2nd, I actually have a ton of essays to grade. That's what I get for forcing my poor students to write argument essays. As my good friends often tell me, if I don't want to grade papers I need to stop assigning them. 

So far I've graded six of them. Only 84 left to go! 

In the world of writing, I might have a little bit of good news on the horizon. But it's not locked in yet, so I can't report anything until it's more official. (It's nothing huge, by the way, but a nice little potential feather in my figurative cap.) 

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