Saturday, March 3, 2018

March Is Feisty Month

If February is a month in which we fall off the wagon of life, March is a time for us to pick our selves up, dust our selves off, and give the middle finger to the horse who gave us the trouble in the first place.

My old roommate and best friend, Joshua, came up with the concept of Feisty Month. This is thirty days of moxy, gumption, and a gungho attitude.

This month I am already exercising more, creating more, and grading more papers (in an expedient manner).

Whatever your 2018 goals are, I hope that you will redouble your efforts and join me on a quest for feistiness.

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  1. I think we're all creating things every single day by doing our duties of life in trying to fulfill our commitments by working or coming to school to learn, or by writing books, as you are, or the combination of all those. We're creating the valuable "hope" by doing all that. I am with you in the quest for feistiness, professor Bradford.