Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Was Quicksand

My January was so productive. But this month is sludge. A ton of essays have sloshed upon my desk, and I've focused on work instead of creativity. I let this happen despite my resolution to balance my teaching/grading with my books/plays. 

So now it's time to urge myself back into some sort of artistic routine. I was telling my Creative Writing students about how writing on a daily basis is a lot like exercising on a daily basis. If you stop exercising for a week -- or a month -- starting back up again can feel excruciating. For me, it is the same with writing. 

So, I'm going to start again by working on some smaller projects first. I'm talking picture books and chapter books. i do want to finish my time travel middle grade novel. However, because my energy levels will probably be depleted from grading these essays, I might not return to the book until after spring break.

I hope your artistic world is more industrious than mine right now. And if it's not, then let's cheer each other on as we try to drag ourselves out of this quicksand known as February. 

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  1. Professor Bradford, I don't know what you're evaluating yourself on handling all this burdensome load of work you're handling (teaching/grading, writing books, life commitments,...) but you sure should give yourself a pad on the shoulder. Doing all that is no joke! More power to you.