Friday, May 17, 2019

Summer 2019 - Let It Begin!!!

It's almost 10:30 pm, on the first evening of my summer break. I've got 90 days of the stuff I crave the most: free time.

Of course, we'll see just how free it actually is... Life has that funny way of throwing you curve balls, and I have a funny way of getting mixed up in things that seem like whimsy at first but then transform into dreary obligations.

I started this morning with my exercise routine (something I've all but abandoned during the last few weeks of school).

Cheri and I have been listening to audio tracks from "The Greatest Salesman on Earth." (Hint: It;s not about Willy Loman.)

We spent the past month listening to this one... (Scroll #2)

And we recently moved onto this one... (Scroll #8) 

I'm not sure why we aren't listening to the scrolls in order, but so far I'm enjoying these visualization techniques. I'm not much of a "daily affirmation" kind of guy... but the Scroll #2 message is about greeting the day with love in your heart, and what's wrong with that? If more people greeted each day with that attitude we could certainly decrease world suck, as my DFTBA friends would say.

What else did I do with my first day off? I walked the dogs. Quite a few times, actually, because we've got people working in our backyard, trying to make it a bit less of a weed-infested jungle. So, since the dogs couldn't go frollicking in the back yard, I took them around the neighborhood. Or perhaps I should say, they took me.

Graded lots and lots of essays today. That was my main goal, to finish as much of the grading process as possible. But I did manage to get out to the Moorpark Campus, one last time before summer sweeps me away. For the first time ever, I attended a Moorpark graduation ceremony. It was great seeing some of my students step up to receive their diploma. Hooray for Education!

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