Friday, January 1, 2016

Day #360: Happy New Year!

I did my best to be productive on both New Year's Eve and New Years Day. Yesterday (the last day of 2015) we traveled at the crack of dawn from Seattle to Burbank. We ate at Chipotle, walked the dogs (who were so happy to see us again!), and watched two Christmas movies to seal the holiday season (Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story). But that's not all... I wrote the first draft of a new picture book. It's tentatively titled: "The Seven Lies of Bobby Lee Blake."

Today (the first day of 2016), we each selected something we would do as a family.

Cheri's Activity: Hike up to the waterfall in Placerita Canyon.

Wade's Activity: Assemble the new family robot. (It's a Roomba vacuum cleaner. His name is Charles.)

Mack's Activity: Play her new board game: Doctor Who Risk -- Dalek Invasion! (Emily defeated us, but Kenzie came close... I sucked... I only had three countries by the end of the game!)

Em's Activity: Watch two Matt Smith episodes of Doctor Who.

Afterwards, I wrote a second draft of "Seven Lies." Now I'm sleepy because I'm full of two child meals of Pei Wei teriyaki chicken.

Good night, and may your New Year be bright.

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