Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day #364: Back to "Bullshot"

So, yesterday at the dentist.... Ugh...

They worked on a cavity, then they sent me to another dentist to get half of a root canal done. (More UGH...)

So that went until 6pm... Then I had to be at rehearsal by 8. Surprisingly, despite the numbness and then the soreness, I felt pretty good, and we had a great rehearsal, the first one since Xmas break. I know most of my lines for Act One, but I'd like to do much better with my waiter character.

I blew out my voice a bit; it's still ravaged by the last lingering bits of illness. But in spite of the miserable hours spent in the dentist chair, it was a good day, and it feels good to get back on stage.

"Bullshot Crummond" is a wonderfully ridiculous show, and it opens at the end of January!

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