Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day #365: The Final Total

Day #365: Last Day of the Challenge

Well, yesterday I sent off the contract for my latest picture book... So, it's a fitting end to my one year challenge. 

For those of you just joining this blog, I gave myself a goal to earn an extra $20,000 to put into savings and pay down credit card debt and a car loan.  Like I said at the beginning of the blog, our debt isn't anything extreme -- we live within our means for the most part -- but I was hoping to edge my family closer to prosperity. 

The Final Score was: $9,757.70

And the majority of the was due to that book contract I mentioned, which means that my agent saved the day. 

Although I didn't make my goal, I had fun trying. And it motivated me to blog much more often, a habit I will continue to develop. 

For 2016, the blog will be changing a bit. I won't be numbering the days anymore -- since I'm not doing another challenge (at least not in the immediate future). I'll still be blogging about my writing projects, but I'm also going to add more personal reflections, journal/diary entries, and memoir styled material.

Here's to a prosperous and productive New Year!

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