Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Working Routine

This is the time of year when I get into a rut. And as I have said before, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Ruts are routines, and routines can be very comforting. Ruts feel a lot better than chaos, a lot better than the unknown, at least for those of us who prefer our comfort zone. (Hey, that rhymes!)

So, I have spent the last three weeks buried in essays. I just dug myself out -- though I still have some quizzes to grade. In addition to grading papers, I've also been juggling other work responsibilities. I was evaluated this semester, and I serve on a tenure committee, an evaluation committee, and of course the curriculum committee. Lots of work stuff going on -- and I feel proud to belong to a place like Moorpark College, it's truly a beautiful campus and a beautiful learning community.

My working routine, however, seems to have squeezed out my creative routine. Other than a few doodles here and there, I haven't been producing much. (I'm not keeping up with this blog, either!)

Part of it might be that I have been holding my breath, waiting for responses from Duck Town. (I believe I have received six rejections -- and there are still eight more places that have yet to decide.) I did send a new story to my agent, just to start thinking about what's next -- but I feel like my creative life is on hold until I carve out more free time (which seems very difficult right now) or until I become so super-inspired by a new project that I shove other stuff aside. (And then my working routine will be thrown out the window!)

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