Saturday, April 1, 2017

Jet Lag and Children's Lit

My eldest daughter and I are touring a couple colleges this weekend. On Thursday, we flew from Burbank to Daytona Beach (with a fuel stop in Albequerque and a tranfer in NYC). During the flight I had foolishly hoped that I would get some writing done; however, I lacked inspiration, and it didn't help that I was sitting between two people. Mackenzie was in the same situation in the row behind me. It was a crowded flight out to New York. And when I got sleepy, since it was a red-eye flight, I couldn't fall asleep. My neck is sore just thinking about that flight!

But we arrived on Friday morning, and we spent the first day exploring the campus -- which is amazing, by the way. I don't know which school my daughter will ultimately choose, but for anyone who wants to join the aerospace industry, this is the place to get your foot in the door.

While Mackenzie sat in on a couple classes (Aerospace Physiology & Turbine Rock Engines) I tinkered with new ideas for a children's picture book. Because I was so exhausted, keep in mind we stayed up all night long, I would start outlining ideas and then begin to doze off right where I sat. I would stumble into weird dreamy thoughts, often about the objects around me. For example, I was thinking of a story about a little boy who desperately wants to win a trophy because his sister wins trophies all of the time. (You know, a standard picture book plot, right?) Then, my mind would wander, and I would think things like, "Then the little boy gets trapped in a plasma chamber and his sister must use her engineering skills to save his life."

So, my writer's brain was simultaneously imaginative and useless!

Now that we're well rested, today is much more fun. We toured the campus, talked with some incredible students and faculty, and now we're relaxing back out our hotel. I might go do some writing down by the swimming pool. I better enjoy this Florida weather because tomorrow morning we journey to Nebraska.

Stay tuned!

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