Saturday, July 22, 2017

Back from Chelan

Been a while, ol Blog. We've spent the last week with family at a house on Lake Chelan. I'll eventually post photos here... But since I'm currently writing ts on a first generation iPad, I don't have many options for technical dazzlement.

I'm at he point in my summer break when I realize: this is a LONG time to be away from work. The days had been flying by in a blur, but there was something so calming about spending days on the lake in a comfy and picturesque locale, away from the city lights and, more significantly, devoid of wi-fi. We all did lots of reading, family-bonding, and inner-tubing. And by the time the fulfilling six days were over, I thght to myself, "I still about twenty fur days of vacation left!" That alone is more time off than most careers allow. So, again, I keep coming back to feeling so incredibly fortunate. Counting my blessings is sometimes the best way for me to deal with stress... I don't have much stress connected to my own life, directly, but college is coming up for a certain older daughter, and there's a heap of red tape right now. So, I'd gladly trade inn some of my luck right now to make things easier for her.

The picture book-a-day project is still going well. I am currently one story behind, but I think I'll catch up tomorrow since Cheri and the girls are heading into town, leaving me with the dogs and my writing tablet. My last two stories are too dark and too lame to become anything (since I was in a bad mood due to the aforementioned red tape). However, out of the 22 projects  have developed, I think at least half of them have great potential. 

Speaking of which, I best get back to work. 


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