Sunday, October 28, 2018

Resolution Check-In: Fall Edition

As you may have noticed, this blog has temporarily turned into a place where I've been sharing my thoughts (and links) about plays and musicals. (This is for the benefit of my English class, Introduction to Drama.)

Another reason I haven't been blogging about my creative endeavors is that I have been VERY BUSY -- which for the most part has been a grand thing... but it does mean that fun little projects (like this blog which about eleven people read on a regular basis) must fall to the wayside. 

I am hopefully to provide an update about all this wonderful business... but first, allow my to check-in on my New Year's Resolutions, a task I have been avoiding because I am doing such a shabby job at completing most of them. 

Here we go... 

1) Finish Writing a New Novel

Is a Chapter Book a novel? I am going to give myself a break here and say yes. During the lat part of the summer, I finished a book about bug friends. It's kinda cute, and hopefully very funny. My agent has given me notes -- now I just need to find the time to finish the second draft!


2) Sell a New Picture Book

YES!!! This is a big accomplishment because, for me at least, writing a salable picture book is never easy. I will reveal more details about this as soon as I can... but I can say that I signed the contract over a month ago, and have already received part of my advance. Woo-hoo! I can also tell you that this most recent sale is a sequel to one of my previously published works -- so that's pretty awesome!


3) Write / Sell New Play

I have written a new one-act comedy about an escape room. My editor at Eldridge likes it, but suggested several changes. Today I revised it and resubmitted. Fingers crossed.


4) Complete 200 Days of Writing

I believe I am now up to 60 days. Sad and pathetic.

ACHIEVEMENT: 30% Complete. There are only 64 days left in this year, so I have officially failed this goal. Wah!!!

5) Participate in 10 Book Events

I have had a chance to do a few more of these... In August I promoted "Papa Bear's Page Fright" at the Open Book in Canyon Country. In September I was a featured reader at the Orange County Book Festival. Then this October, I had a book signing at Burbank's Barnes and Noble. I was also an honored guest at the Ventura County Assistance League's Authors Luncheon. I visited Hamilton Elementary last Friday, and in a couple hours I will be making an appearance at Once Upon a Time Bookstore in Montrose, California.  I just need one more event to reach my goal!

ACHIEVEMENT: 90% Complete

6) Complete 100 five minute work-out sessions

Yes! I have exceeded this goal (surprisingly). I have well over 100 work out days registered... although I'm still not making it enough of a habit. Really need to try doing this at least five times a wekk, instead of two or three times a week (as has been the case the last month or so).


7) Practice Drawing / Coloring for 100 Hours

Very little progress made in this category. Why don't I make more time for this one???

ACHIEVEMENT: 20% Complete

8) Develop a Stronger Marketing Platform

Uh... not yet... Hee-hee... I'm trying, but mainly spinning my wheels. I do have some cute corgi pics on my Instagram account.


9) Create a Portfolio with at least 12 awesome photos

Hmm... There's a decent chance that there's at least 12 calendar worthy photos in my phone... But I haven't really taken the time to curate anything yet.


10) Learn the whole melody of Ashokan Farewell. 

This is the most ignored of all my resolutions. I think I have touched our piano three times this year.

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