Friday, October 11, 2013

"Banana Nut Split" - Wade's First One-Act Comedy (Circa 1987)

Way back in high school, 10th grade to be specific, we had this glorious thing called Mini-Term.  Our second semester ended in early May.  Then, students would experience Mini-term, a collection of fun elective classes allowed students to explore their specific interests.  (You could also make-up a class.)
Anyway, during Mini-term the drama club put on a series of One Acts.  (My favorite show by the way was I.T. -- Improvisational Theater, by fellow drama buddies Ryan, Joelle, and other talented thespians.)  I decided that I wanted to write and direct my own show.  So I wrote: BananaNutSplit -- all one word to be cool.  It's a pretty silly show with a rather sitcomish premise:

A young man is meeting his girlfriend at a fancy restaurant. He is going to propose to her.  The problem? He secretly has split personalities, and whenever he gets nervous, those multi-personalities burst out of him.  Wackiness ensues.

Yes, quite silly.  But I had a great deal of fun directing the show.  The drama students voted it Best Play -- so that was an ego boost.  And something else happened with it.  Around 1988 when I was working at the Grand Cinemas, a smart, sexy manager named Cheri wanted to do a comedy for her college class.  I suggested Banana Nut Split, she directed the play, and I got to watch adult actors perform the work.

Now here's where I turn into Paul Harvey:

That sexy smart manager named Cheri, the woman who directed my first-ever play, married me in 1995 -- and we've been living happily ever after ever since.

A few years ago, I found an old copy of the play.  I dusted it off -- updated some of the jokes -- tightened things up... and then sent it to Big Dog Plays.  And now, Banana Nut Split is a published one act play.

You can read this article about a senior getting to direct her first theater one-act... and she chose Banana Nut Split.  (I hope she didn't regret her choice!)

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