Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Tomorrow's Wish" Available at the Kindle Store

Tomorrow's Wish has been available in print, and as an ipad e-book for about three years now.  But, I've finally gotten around to formatting it into a Kindle Book, since that seems to be one of the more popular devices.

"Tomorrow's Wish" is a three-act play by Wade Bradford. It is a comedy-drama with a bit of fantasy thrown into the mix. 

During the most boring summer of her life, 16 year old Megan Pomerville must now deal with her strange, friendly yet embarrassing cousin: Juniper, a home-schooled teen who's been living a sheltered and secluded country life. 

Megan's cynical attitude soon changes when she discovers Juniper's secret - a secret so remarkable it will change their lives forever. 

Follow this link to order you Kindle Edition of "Tomorrow's Wish," only $2.99.

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