Monday, October 14, 2013

"The Actor Games" by Wade Bradford

This is my latest one-act comedy, available at Eldridge Plays. 

In this dystopian/Hunger Games parody everyone is starving...for attention! Society's obsession with all things drama has become so distracting, the Capitol has outlawed all auditions and has divided the population into ten districts: Greek Tragedy, Shakespeare Drama, Commedia Dell'Arte, and others.
During the annual Actor Games, a tribute from each district competes to become a star. The losers must suffer the fate of the Fallback Wheel. This year, Meryl hopes to become the first ever winner from High School Drama. Unfortunately, the odds are never in her favor. The Actor Games is a fast-paced one-act play that provides lots of comedy opportunities for each cast member, as well as a humorous overview of modern and historic acting methods. 

It's dedicated to drama teachers around the world.  (But I guess since I spoofed the HUnger Games, I should have added a special thanks to Suzanne Collins!) 

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