Saturday, October 12, 2013

What Are You Working On?

This is the question I love to ask other writers.  And, to be honest, I love being asked this question because it gives me the opportunity to talk about my work. I think about my work all of the time.  But I don't always verbally express my ideas.  Keeping my stories locked up in the attic of my brain isn't always a good thing.

When I hear my burgeoning ideas discussed out loud, out in the light of day, I sometimes realize "This is a brilliant story" or "I really need to rethink this plot -- it kinda sucks."

But I'm not talking right now... I'm blogging... So, what am I working on?

I have four different projects going all at once!  And that's probably not a very good writing strategy, but I can't help it.  Also, some of these projects involve different genres than I normally write, so I will be creating a pseudonym.  Which means that I'm working on top secret projects!

But I'll share a few details with you... I'd rather be talking about this, by the way, but typing out my ideas is therapeutic too.

Secret Project #1: An Awesome Picture Book... 
This project really isn't that secret.  Everyone who knows me knows that I love writing picture books.  Two and a half years ago my first picture book debuted: "Why Do I Have to Make My Bed?"  But here's the problem... I have not been able to sell a second picture book.  These are difficult little textual beasts to capture.  I have written about twenty picture books since my first sale.  Some were lousy.  Some were wonderful -- but for a variety of reasons they did not win over the hearts and minds of the editors.  So, in regards to the picture book I am working on now, I am praying that the Gods of Children's Literature have favored me with a brilliant idea.

Secret Project #2: An Awesome Early Middle Grade Novel...
I've been developing this for a while now.  It's a fun combination of silliness and Shakespearean epicness.  It's also one of those books that could shine brightly if the text is combined with some illustrations every few pages.

Word Count Goal: +25,000

Progress: 16% Complete

Secret Project #3: An Awesome Paranormal Teen Novel... 
I wrote the first five chapters over the summer and I am waiting to find out what happens next.  It is written from the POV of a teen girl, so I will be attempting to publish this one under a pen name.  (It's also very different than anything else I've ever written.)

Word Count Goal: +35,000

Progress: 14% Complete

Secret Project #4: An Awesome Fantasy/Adventure Middle Grade...
This is still in the brainstorming stage... but I think I am finally ready to begin working on the first draft.  Of course, maybe I should finish these other projects before I dive in... Ya think???

Word Count Goal: +70,000

Progress: 0% Complete

Secret Project #5: An Awesomely Weird Novel That Combines the Mythical and the Mundane...
I have been writing nothing but children's literature since 2002.  So it's been refreshing and kinda scary to write something for grown-ups.  Actually, I'm not writing this book for grown-ups or kids.  I'm writing it for me.  And I haven't typed anything into the computer yet.  It's all hand written, and there's a nice chunk of it done so far, but this is going to happen over the course of an entire year.

Word Count Goal: +80,000

Progress: 12% Complete

Not-So-Secret Projects: 

I'm sure the above projects make me look kinda lazy, since there's not one of them that is over twenty percent complete.  But I finish drafts!  I do, really!

During the past 18 months I finished two novels... I'm still working on the revision process.

Middle Grade Fantasy: Journey to the Midnight Realm

Word Count Achieved: 75,000

Revision Process: 60% Complete

Middle Grade Adventure: Camp Omigosh

Word Count Achieved: 82,000

Revision Process: 30% Complete

So that's what I am working on.  That is to say, those are the creative projects I am working on when I am not busy teaching, grading papers, attending meetings, playing with my kids, hanging out with my wife, walking the dogs, cleaning the house, and -- and did I mention? -- fighting off the demons of procrastination.

So, what are you working on?

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