Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Macbeth Mixed Up" - Ten Minute Play by Wade Bradford

My good friends and editors at Heuer Plays just published my latest ten-minute play: Macbeth Mixed Up This is yet another comic exploitation of my idol William Shakespeare.

Ah, the poor Bard. You would think if I truly admire him, I would stop robbing his grave. But there's something about his marvelous characters that just won't allow me to cease my lampooning. I'm afraid I may always tomb raid that great Elizabethan playwright.

"It's a bit heavy on the eye of newt." If you are looking for thirty-minutes of fast-paced humor, might I recommend all three of my ten minute plays (each available at : "Romeo Revised" "Hopeless Hamlet" and now "Macbeth Mixed Up"

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