Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Conflict" a One Act Play by Wade Bradford

My friend Joshua and I, when we were struggling artists (unlike now -- ha, ha), lived in Orange County without a car and without very much money to entertain ourselves. But we did have our roommate's video camera. So we would often make these strange yet funny videos.

One of them involved us just wandering the video store and using the produce for our prop comedy. We made up a Headless Horseman character who used a cantaloupe instead of a pumpkin -- and ever since then (even though I hate the taste) I've had an affinity for the fruit.

So -- if you've ever seen my play "Conflict" and wondered why the playwright created a story about a young man who is obsessed with a cantaloupe -- the source of his inner and outer conflicts -- now you know why. No symbolism or anything. Just a fruit I admire.

"Conflict" was a script I wrote specifically for the Repertory East Playhouse. I entered their Page 2 Stage competition -- and happily the script won! "Conflict" was produce and directed by a top-notch crew -- and performed by a cast of talented actors. It was a joy to watch. "Conflict" runs about 25 minutes, and like some of my other shorter plays, it has done quite well at drama student competitions.

"Conflict" is available at Heuer Plays.  

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  1. hi, i am currently working on your play conflict, and i was wondering what are some tips so i wont ruin it