Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Tuesdays with Mummy" by Wade Bradford

Years ago, I was talking with TimBen Boydston at the Canyon Theatre Guild. He mentioned that he had wanted to do a Mummy play for Halloween, and that there weren't any good scripts -- comedy scripts -- that explored the Mummy legend.

So, I undertook the project, wrote a script, gave it to the Canyon Theatre, and nobody liked it very much. But that never stops me. I took some notes, tightened it up, added some jokes, and sent it off to several play publishing companies. Eldridge liked it, however, they already have a Mummy script -- "Mummy Dearest", I believe. But, the newcomer play company Big Dog Plays scooped up the project.

I love the cover art:

Tuesdays with Mummy

The show runs about sixty minutes -- and I've been tinkering with an extended version (although that project has been turning into something very different -- but more on that later).

Find out more about Tuesdays with Mummy.

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