Thursday, January 16, 2014

Theater Video Game Mash-Ups: Contest Winners!

Last week, we launched our very first creative contest...

To celebrate my new one-act play, StageCraft - The Video Game, I asked Facebook friends and fans of my humble little blog to create mash-ups of video games and Broadway shows. 

Well, playwright Ken Preuss and his son Bennet started with one funny image, and they didn't stop there. They generated nearly a dozen hilarious mash-ups, and totally won our first-ever contest.

Check out their work:

I must say, seeing a fully armored Carol Channing blasting space aliens does bring a smile to my face.

Ken and Bennet have won a signed copy of my play "StageCraft" and I am also tossing in one of my favorite old video games (a relic by today's standards that will hopefully work on their computer).  Have you played this before?

Details about the next contest are coming soon!  Congrats again to our first-ever winners!

PS... I thought the contest was such a fun idea, I made something myself.  Here's my meager contribution:

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