Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Short Story Analysis - English 1B


English 1B – Short Story Analysis


Responding to the literary works from The Seagull Reader: Stories, write an original +4 page essay that focuses on one of the following prompts:

A) Compare / contrast two characters from a single short story – or compare/contrast two characters from two different stories. In your analysis, consider some of the following: character motivation, choices, reactions, social environment, emotional growth (or lack thereof). It is up to the student to create a focused thesis statement. (Tip: Develop a specific opinion based upon your compare/contrast analysis.)

B) Identify and evaluate the themes from two different short stories. Compare / contrast the messages.  Argue whether or not readers can gain any valuable “life lessons” from the story. Should we embrace or reject the story’s philosophical message(s)?

Typed / Double Spaced / MLA Format

Students who incorporate quotes and/or paraphrased material from other sources (aside from the stories) must cite the material and present it on the Works Cited page.


Peer Review: Jan. 29th

Final Draft Due:  Feb. 5th

(Bring a Hard Copy to class AND send the essay to my email: )

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