Friday, January 24, 2014

"Snow White in the 70s" by Wade Bradford

This is a very funky play.

It's one of those shows where I suddenly came up with the title first, and the rest of the play wrote itself.  I had written more than my share of princess stories:

Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Cinderella in New York

Mermaid in Miami

I started to realize that I was retelling fairy tales but setting them in a particular time and place.  So why not those Disco Dancin' 1970s?

The show is a great deal of fun.  It's not a musical, but drama teachers and performers are encouraged to include dance numbers if they wish to get down and boogie -- which I highly recommend. 

Writing the Dwarves was the most enjoyable challenge, because I wanted them each to have their own 70s flavor.  My favorite: the "Grumpy" dwarf is named Nixon.

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