Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Switching to Summer Mode

Well, the days are starting to fly, so I better use this online journal to keep track -- otherwise, before I know it, it'll be fall and these vacation days will be a blur.

It's now been two weeks off... Let's take stock of what I've done...

Writing wise, I wrote a new picture book. (Today I revised it and sent if back to my agent. I'm quite positive about this one -- but don't I always feel that way if I send it to Abi? I guess so.)

I tinkered with Mean Squirrels and eventually set it aside. I wrote about 25 pages of the Flowers/Bradford stage play about an island resort.

I have also started a chapter book / middle grade time travel novel. I'm about 4000 words into, so still in the beginning stages.

Calendar Rundown:

May 17th: Last day of Creative Writing / Last Day of Spring Semester

May 18th and 19th: Grading papers / submitting grades.

May 20th: Renaissance Faire!

May 21st: Cheri came back from her conference... and then went to Washington state for a few days.

May 22nd - 24th: Served as uber-driver for the girls. Started to get sick.

May 25th - May 26th: Focused on dealing with my stupid cold. (Somehow managed to write a little.) Celebration / Memorial of a fellow homeschool parent.

May 27th: Worked on the book / Date with Cheri -- Duck Pond & Pei Wei Lunch / Watched Alien: Convenant

May 28th: Worked on the book / Watched Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

May 29th: Memorial Day / BBQ with friends / Watched Pirates of the Caribbean 5

May 30th: Revised picture book / chauffeured the children / started playing D&D with friends.

So far, as you can see, it's been an incredibly enjoyable summer. Way too much fun!


  1. How was Guardians of the Galaxy? I still need to see it

    1. I loved it!

      When the first movie came out I had very low expectations -- mainly because I was unfamiliar with the characters. I really enjoyed the first flick, and so spending time with these characters again was very fun!