Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Word Count Wednesday - May 10th, 2017

Well folks, this is the last required Word Count Wednesday, for my Creative Writing students, that is.

This mean, dear students, that after today, you need never post another blog entry. However, I am hoping you will continue to write (whether on your blogs, journals, or some other medium). Keep connecting with others. Keep sending your stories out into the world. Keep on with the collaboration and the encouragement. And keep in touch.

What Am I Working On?
My chapter book... which I might be condensing into a picture book. (That's right, I'm going back to my comfort zone.)

Word Count: 1500

How Do I Feel About the Process?

I had a great day on Sunday. I worked for about five hours straight -- no distractions. In a lot of ways, I spent more time figuring out what not to write, rather than getting a lot of words on the page. That's all part of the process.

Big News:

Since the contracts are signed (and I've even received my advance!) I suppose I can officially announce my latest news:

My agent sold my fifth picture book! It's called Papa Bear's Page Fright. More details soon!

Useful Link:

Ah, I almost forgot, we are talking about query letters today... so this is a useful link with lots of examples:

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