Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Beauty List

Last November, I wrote a blog post called "The Ugly List" in which I vented about ten crappy things that had recently happened to me and/or my family.

I started to follow up with a grateful "Beauty List" but put it on hold because I stopped listing things at number four... I wanted to get to Ten... I might update this yet again, but allow me to put it out there just so it doesn't get lost in the ether...

The Beauty List

I am sending out thanks and appreciation to the Universe (or whoever's in charge up there). I am grateful that a week has passed without ugly and unfortunate events. I know life will throw other curveballs at me and my loved ones -- but for now I am thankful that life has gotten back to some semblance of normality. How funny that getting back into a routine could feel so blissful.

In my last blog post, I listed Ten Ugly Things that were going on in my world. Allow me now to focus on the positive and reflect upon the Beautiful Things in my life.

#1) Cheri... My wife and my best friend. How wonderful is she?  If I started listing examples I would out-word War and Peace. So let me just say that Cheri makes me a better person. And, perhaps best of all, she gave me these two people:

#2) My daughters... I learn from them everyday, and every moment I strive to deserve their love.

#3) My mom... She just visited our home during the last two weeks (and she was here just when I needed her). My father passed away almost 18 years ago... thank god I still have my mom on the planet. She gives me unwavering support and encouragement.

#4) My whole famdamily... One of the best parts of 2016 happened in the middle of all that ugly stuff I had been blogging about. My four sisters, two of my brothers, and niece and nephew gathered together in Las Vegas to celebrate my Mom's 70th birthday. It was one of the best weekends of my life! We not only watched Beatles LOVE, We reconnected all together for the first since my father's ashes were spread.

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