Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hello? Who's There?

Halt! Who goes there?

Hey everybody... Thanks for reading another blog post.

I say "everybody," but I actually have no idea who reads these posts. I get stats -- but that doesn't tell me who you are. You get to be anonymous.

Unless of course, you'd now like to reveal yourselves...

I've noticed that an average post generates about 30 - 50 viewers. Every so often I create something that's a bit more popular (usually because I include a link on my Facebook page). One of my goals this season is to try to generate more interest in my books & develop a stronger following. I'd love to start by making my blog much more entertaining, rather than me rambling on about my fledgling writing career, and all the anxieties therein.

You could help by letting me know who's already reading these blog posts. If you'd like to leave a comment please let me know what you like about the blog... what you'd like to see more of... and what new things you'd like to read about.


  1. Hi, and I just like reading stuff. (Shaundee and Sarah C. tell me that I'd read any blog put in front of me, hahaha.)

    1. Hi Jodee! AQlways great to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

      I noticed you have a new post. I'll be checking it out this weekend, as soon as I finish grading these pesky Lit papers.