Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day #155: Brainstorming with Joshua

Today begins a detour away from Duck Town. I needed to go to Orange County today to work on an editing project (something for friends at the Canyon Theatre), and I needed Joshua's help. So, the bad news was I didn't get to draw anything for Duck Town. But the good news is: Joshua is the best person to bounce off my ideas. He can always help make a good idea great.

In between editing stuff, he helped me generate some "world building" details. Specifically, I've been trying to decide what the interior of the duck homes will be like... Joshua also helped me brainstorm the daily lives of the townsducks. I've decided there's going to be a mill on the island, and that will be the main industry... but I haven't decided what kind of mill. Perhaps it grinds up crackers?

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