Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day #156: A Long Detour

I'm feeling blue today because I really wanted to work on "Duck Town," but it's not in the cards for me. I'm helping Cheri install a new floor in Kenzie's room. (And I'm also playing chauffeur for the girls.)

So, yesterday I was in Orange County, today and tomorrow we are putting in floor. Friday we'll probably finish the floor, put the room back together, and then we've got West Side Story at night -- and I'm the default stage manager. Saturday we have two shows, and then we've got Sunday matinee. Maybe on Sunday evening I'll get to draw a little bit -- if I have the energy. Finally, on Monday I'm going back to Orange County to (hopefully) finish the editing project with Joshua. Who knows what's happening the rest of the week. Probably lots of stuff.

I know I'm whining, but it's frustrating when you really want to throw yourself into an artistic project, but you've got all of these other responsibilities. On top of that, I feel lame because my drawings aren't that great in comparison to the Dan Santats and Peter Browns of the world. So, sometimes I think to myself, I need to really put my foot down and make time for my graphic novel. And then another voice in my head says, "Why bother, Wade? You are mediocre at best. Why should you selfishly take time away from your duties as a husband and father in order for you to waste time with something so pathetically juvenile?"

Don't worry -- I don't pay very much attention to that pesky voice. Duck Town is coming. I just don't know when it will get here.

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