Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day #163: Spy Mission!!!

Mission Details:

Woke up at 7am

Left on our mission at 8am.

Picked up Dylan and Fiona Perry at 8:30am

Discovered first clue hidden in the Bridge at Bark Park.

Went to Marie Callendar's for pies and muffins. (Discovered next clue in Pie Bag)

Went to the pre school at College of the Canyons (the kids revisited their old classroom.)

Searched for Buffalo at Hart Park.

We were attacked by the Toxic Twins (Marcus Langston and Stevie Beecher in Guy Fawks masks.)

We escaped to the Canyon Theatre Guild. (Sam aka Richard Hannay gave up his life defending us!)

Went to Central Park where we were attacked by a drone (operated by the Toxic Twins -- who by the way are poisonous to the touch.)

We escaped again and ate lunch at IN-N-Out.

We went to Valley Produce for snacks/dessert. I was kidnapped by the Toxic Twins and they called the spy kids on their cell phones and gave them several steps (like going to the duck pond and doing the hokey pokey) in order to set me free,

Finally: We had a stand off at the Bridgeport Lighthouse. The Toxic Twins were almost triumphant until I encouraged them give each other a victorious high five, where upon they instantly poisoned each other and died.

It was a good day.

Back home, despite the drought, we threw water balloons at each other, including the Eklund kids!

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