Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day #305: Refining Camp Omigosh

Well, as you may or may not know, I enormous part of 2015 was spent developing my middle grade novel: Camp Omigosh. It's been one of my life long dreams to write a successful novel. (By successful, I mean that a bonafide publishing house picks it up, promotes it, and it doesn't fail miserably.)

I was hoping that Camp Omigosh would be that novel. I put my heart and soul into it.... But my agent wasn't sure how to sell it, or who to sell it to... (and I completely understood, since Omigosh is a very quirky mash-up of several genres).

The good news, I didn't give up, and my amazing fellow author and friend, Laurisa White Reyes, helped me produce the book through her independent publishing operation: Skyrocket Press.

We raised funds with Indigogo, and invested a bit of my own money, and we created a really good looking product.

Unfortunately, the first edition of Camp Omigosh had a few typos (did I say a few, I meant about fifty of them!) I didn't have enough money to get a professional proofreader, so that's what happens! But thanks to my Mom, she painstakingly read through the novel several times and caught the typos. (There might be a couple still lurking, but I t most of them have been weeded out.)

So, even though I've sold less than a hundred copies and e-books, I'm prouder than ever of my summer camp - ghost - mystery - sci fi - adventure story.

Order a copy of Camp Omigosh today!

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