Thursday, March 2, 2017

Resolution Check-In: March Edition

Since I bothered posting my New Year's Resolutions, I might as well provide updates as to my progress or lack thereof... So far, I have a few good things to report. Let's see how I'm doing:

1) Take more photos (photographs at least twice a week)

 I am starting to be more in-tune with photographic moments. It's certainly easier maintaining this resolution (one I failed last year) now that I have a phone that takes pictures. (But I still miss you, flip phone!)

The quality of the camera and the photographs is very low... But this year the point is simply to take more pictures. I'll worry about improving my photographic abilities next year.

ACHIEVEMENT: 16% Complete

2) Write / sell a new picture book

 The picture book manuscript that I mentioned in February's update has been kindly turned down by two editors. We are still waiting to hear back from eleven others. Fingers are still crossed, but I should probably start developing a new idea to send out this spring.


3) Generate idea for next big project (finish at least 25% of it)

Hey, I have actually made a little bit of progress in this direction!

I abandoned the "Tomorrow's Wish adaptation. I have decided that, at least for now, that story works best as a play and doesn't need to become a novel.

But I did return to a vague idea I had a long time ago... a middle grade adventure with a pair of sister protagonists. I haven't written much, just ten pages, but that's better than nothing! For this project, I will assume that the final work will be about 400 pages. So, the very facile goal of 25% should be attained, and hopefully surpassed, by the new year.


4) Work on a creative project with my daughters (a YouTube channel and/or Podcast)

 Last month Mackenzie and I made a recording about board games. This month, while driving in the car, we recorded ourselves discussing the nature of comedy. These projects aren't polished enough to become something publishable, but it's good practice.


5) Show my appreciation more often / strengthen relationships and communication. 

(Note: I made a list of 200 people, all of whom I hope to do something special for... or at least offer support and positivity.)

So far, I've checked 13 people off the list... Not much progress. This one is an easy resolution for me to forget about, probably because I'm a selfish bastard.

ACHIEVEMENT: 6.5% Complete

6) Lose ten pounds. 

 Lost the weight during the first month of 2017... and so far I have kept it off!


(And it will hopefully remain an achievement throughout the year... But if I go up to 165 pounds, then it's back on!)

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