Friday, March 17, 2017

The Modern American Author Stereotype

There are many writer stereotypes. I am embody more than a few of them. I have been a struggling artist in my youth. I moved far away from home to find myself. I became an English teacher.  But right now I am doing something that is woefully stereotypical, even for me. I am sitting at a Starbucks working on the Great American Novel. 

But hey, at least I am writing! 

I don't know if I creating something that other people would want to read, but I am making something that I would want to read... So there must be others out there like me, right? 

I am feeling good because I got an update from my agent regarding the dragon-themed picture book. The manuscript received another rejection -- a nice, friendly one, which is comforting because those are the kinds that tell you about the flaws before they tell you "no thanks." This is the third rejection... There are still ten more editors who have the picture book sitting in their offices, waiting to be discivered. 

I feel good right now, because I am confident that even if no one buys my little dragon book friend (because that's what my books are to me: friends), that I still have a lot of ideas left, still so many things to write, still so many ways to fail and chances to succeed. 

All right... 

Enough stalling, Wade. Back to the novel. 

By the way, Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody. . 

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