Sunday, March 26, 2017

Seven Highlights from Creative Writing

There's been a lot of productivity from my Creative Writing students this semester. Here are seven entries that have recently caught my attention...

"The Impressionist" -- a glimpse into the ugliness as well as the beauty of the human condition. Leon is an artist who is destroying his body with drugs... the same kind of drugs that ended the life of his girlfriend. Can he immortalize her in his art before he suffers the same fate?
(Written by Abraham N.)

Ophelia Speaking: Chapter One. I love the writing style of this blogger. Even when she is just posting her updates for "Word Count Wednesday," she offers thoughtfulness and honesty. So it's no surprise that the novel she is working on has the same powerful, inquisitive voice.

"Experiment #7: Metamorphosis" -- Rachel S. was given the Master Plot called Metamorphosis, and she incorporates some magical elements into this otherwise modern tale. It's like the Heat Miser meets A Clockwork Orange.

"Mary, Teen of Scots" -- Okay, that's not the title of Sarah C's novel. However, it is about a teen girl at a unique academy who discovers that she is the reincarnation of Mary Queen of Scots... and everyone else at the school is also a royal reincarnation. Will history repeat itself?

"In Between" -- Our narrator wakes up dead, and a mysterious supernatural creature, a goth girl named Kat, has one job -- to lead our hero to the Other Side.

"100 Word Stories" -- Emily C. presents a half-dozen literary gems in the fast and furious genre of Flash Fiction.

"The Almost Biography of Another Troubled Teen" -- sometimes angsty, sometimes funny with a more than a hint of tragedy, Shoshana's first part of her epic teen novel has lots of potential and a distinct voice throughout.

Students, if you didn't make this list, fear not! I will be posting more highlights in the days and weeks to come. So keep on blogging!

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