Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day #29: Overbooking Myself

So, I didn't have much time last post -- and still don't have time now -- but I thought I'd quickly explain why I am CRAZY BUSY for the next two months.

I am directing The Three Musketeers (my own adaptation, with apologies to Alexander Dumas). Rehearsals have just begun, and I've been fooling myself these past few months, thinking that doing another show what completely occupy all of my time. But now that the ball has started rolling, all of these memories of the theatre's time-consuming nature have rushed back into my brain. 

And now I'm wondering how I am going to work on my picture books, develop Camp Omigosh, grade papers, attend Moorpark meetings, be a good father and husband, and find time to make an extra $20,000.

The good thing about overbooking myself is that, although I may feel a lot of things during the next two months, I won't be feeling lazy.

Challenge Total: $112.62

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