Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day #53: March Comes in Like a Lion...

Let's hope that my kindergarten teacher was right... and that March will go out like a lamb.  Because I am so gosh darn busy, I could sue a couple carefree. lamb-like weeks.

Here's what's happening as I begin the month of March:

1) I have about two weeks left to complete the Camp Omigosh Kickstarter Goals. We haven't even reached the 10% mark, so we have really over-estimated our chances of reaching that goal.

2) There's less than a month until The Three Musketeers opens. We've still got a lot of fight choreography to master. There are still lots of props to gather, sets to build, and sound effects to design.

3) I received notes from my agent regarding my latest picture book. The current draft needs a stronger thematic focus (I agree with her notes). But I can't figure out how to fix it yet.

4) Essays, essays, essays. Lots of papers to grade, classes to teach. (Fortunately, I've got a terrific group of students -- as per usual at Moorpark College!)

5) Meetings, meetings, meetings. Now that I am a tenured professor, one of my many responsibilities is to participate in committee meetings. It's seems like the more meetings you attend, the more sub-committees you are given.

But if I can get through the next month, then spring break will be here... and I can take a breath.

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