Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day #41: Bathtub Book Research 98% Complete

Yes, I am almost done with the second draft of my bathtub book. I have even developed some really cool "back matter" which digs into the research in greater detail -- but hopefully it's still entertaining to younger readers.

But, I'm not quite finished... I'm still trying to confirm a couple things about Yup'ik culture and language (how to say "yes" and "no"). And I also need to create a pronunciation guide for the various non-English words.

I tried to squeeze in as much cool stuff as I could... but here's one awesome item that didn't make the list (because it seemed terrible to recommend it in a children's book): This is the Devil's Pool, a local watering hole located at the top of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It's right on the edge of the falls, but the geological formations make it "reasonably safe" for adventurers.

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